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Life in balance.

Our overarching goal is to achieve balance. This means we don’t just harvest from the land, we also give back. We embrace Costa Rica’s national optimism in the face of global challenge. Inspired by research into renewable energy, we have incorporated sustainable building and living strategies into the core vision of Harmonic Farms.

Located on over 200 lush acres bordering the pristine Playa Camaronal beach in western Costa Rica, Harmonic Farms is a self-sufficient community and resort that encapsulates pura vida, a state of symbiotic harmony between our three most precious resources: land, life, and time. Residents and guests of Harmonic Farms experience exquisite farm-to-table dining, world-class wellness amenities, and transformative experiences set amidst a thriving tropical ecosystem–all sustained by our organic farm, renewable energy, and biodiverse landscape. Life at Harmonic Farms offers the unique opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, explore, and connect with nature and others in a secluded tropical setting.


Life at Harmonic Farms follows the rhythms of nature.

We rise with the sun, awoken by bird calls and a cool breeze blowing in an open window. We take early morning walks on the beach to welcome in the day or to catch a wave in our world-class surf and kayak along the calm waters of the Oro River. Abundant opportunities await for sport fishing or a boat cruise to a remote beach to relax, snorkel and picnic. The days are spent engaging with the landscape and with each other. From volunteering with day-to-day activities on the farm to practicing yoga on a platform suspended in the rainforest canopy, engagement that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit are an essential part of the Harmonic Farms lifestyle. We live in the moment, embracing each new experience while planting the seeds to ensure future prosperity.



A birds eye view of Harmonic Farms


our mantra


Give back more than we consume.

We are a community with a common purpose. Our desire to live in harmony with nature and ourselves means we are committed to improving biodiversity and protecting our ecosystem by giving back more than we consume. Every aspect of our land is designed according to our Harmonic Farming principles of sustainable living and food production.

Harmonic farming is...

an agricultural system and concept to cultivating fruits and vegetables in tropical self-sustaining orchards incorporating practices which include permaculture and wild-crafting. It is a means of living in harmony with nature through improving biodiversity, reducing erosion, restoring farmland, and protecting critical habitats.

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"Local changes make a global impact."

- our founder, Joe Reece


farm to table


Fresh from our organic farm and the sea.

Harmonic Farms is setting a new trend in the Field to Farm concept. Small-scale organic farming. Harvested directly for our on-site restaurant. Crafted by our top skilled chefs. With the opportunity for full guest immersion in any part of the journey.

We want to share our approach and way of life—living in harmony with nature. We invite you to participate and have an experience with this process. Join the farm team in harvesting your meal and learning about our guiding permaculture principles. Join our chefs for a culinary class, transforming those fresh ingredients to dishes of splendor.

Come with us and delve deep into our land. We work closely with Costa Verdes to nurture native species throughout our landscape. Our food crop selection is farmed with an intention to respect and enrich the land. Our ecological design has been carefully constructed with an experienced biodynamic team.

In the restaurant, our main focus is on the fresh harvest. We emphasize nutrient dense ingredients and have a passion for super foods. Our kitchen team works passionately to highlight the delights of what we grow on our land. This means our menus are constantly shifting with the seasons and the bounty of the harvest.

You will be taken on a wondrous journey through place and culture.

From seed to fruit, from hand to plate, we are all about enrichment. In health, in mind, in spirit. - our world renowned sustainability chef, Daniel Hewison

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our land


located on over 200 lush acres of thriving tropical ecosystem.

From lush jungle forests to pristine beaches, the Harmonic Farms property offers a unique experience of culture, education, and cuisine. Harmonic Farms borders Playa Camaronal, a remote three-mile stretch of beach known for its wildlife refuge, turtle sanctuary, and world-class surfing. Jungle hikes in the mountains lead to stunning vistas, and prime surfing swells are consistent year-round. The Harmonic Farms habitat provides a secluded escape from the stress of everyday life, where guests and residents can explore, rest, and reconnect.



Villas Harmonía

ocean view.jpg

Naturally Inspired Dwellings with Contemporary Comforts.

Harmonic Farms welcomes both year-round residents and seasonal guests to find relaxation and rejuvenation in our ocean view mountain villas. Designed by StudioSaxe, an internationally awarded architecture firm in Costa Rica, highly regarded for blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. The structures of Harmonic Farms are constructed with materials sourced from the local terrain. They blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape while providing residents and guests modern comforts. 

Size range from 2-3 bedroom depending on lot location.

  • Ocean views
  • Private beach access
  • Living/sleeping spaces elevated to capture breezes and views
  • Shaded main level terrace/lounge with pool
  • Indoor and outdoor kitchen and dining
  • Green roofs to minimize visual impact from above

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living in the Blue Zone


Here, life is more sustainable, too.

Author Dan Buettner, working with National geographic, identified five places in the world where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else on earth. They are called Blue Zones, and the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, home of Harmonic Farms, is one of them. In each of these places people living to 100 years is common. And they aren’t just living long either—these people are living healthy—without medication or disability. Part of their secret of longevity lies in their deep social networks, diet and lifestyle.


Close but a million miles from everyday

Situated along Costa Rica's North Pacific coastline, Playa Camaronal is located seven miles south of Playa Samara in the Guanacaste region. An impressively diverse group of wildlife tends to congregate near the estuary where the Ora River empties into the sea.


your to-do list just got longer


Canopy eco-tours. Rappelling waterfalls. World-class surfing. Fine dining on authentic Costa Rican delicacies. Explore the hot springs and beauty of active Arenal volcano. There is a long list of exploration and educational journeys from which to choose your own adventure. You decide which cooking, hiking, dining, ranching, fishing, wild crafting, snorkeling, harmonic farming and relaxing experiences are right for you. You'd be hard pressed to run out of new experiences and adventures near Harmonic Farms.

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Arenal Volcano

Nauyaca Falls

Sea turtle refuge

Manuel Antonio National Park

Samara beach firedancer

World-class surf 


why costa rica?


What makes Costa Rica a desirable destination?

The simplest explanation would be the culture and climate. The consistently warm temperatures combined with the tropical beaches draw visitors from all over the world needing a respite from winter weather.

Costa Rica is rapidly growing in popularity as a place where people want to vacation and live. Air passenger growth to Liberia International Airport exceeded the million mark in 2016.

Travelers come for the beaches with waves for surfers of all abilities, for up-close-and-personal interaction with the wide variety of tropical plants and animals, for adventure, and for the lively traditions maintained by the Costa Ricans. A new survey by international luxury travel network Virtuoso suggests adventure travel’s future is looking bright: 95% say they see demand for experiential travel increasing. The largest segment—41%—of adventure travelers are between 50 and 65 and over. Life in Costa Rica is an all-encompassing experience and a true change of pace from our harried day-to-day lives.  The country continues its quest to be the most sustainable country on the planet, and is on track to be carbon neutral by 2021.

Four drivers of Costa Rica’s success include:

Economy | Ecotourism and surfing hub paired with diverse agricultural crops

Sustainability | Tops the world’s list of nations producing nearly 100% of its power from renewable energy sources that include wind farms, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric

Environmentalism | Focused on preserving and restoring natural ecosystems

Culture | One of five Blue Zone locations in the world for exceptional health and lifestyle



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